10 Must Read Guidelines for Smart Body Builders

1. Eats Only When He Wants

Eating six times a day is stupid, there I said it. The fitness media would have you believe you can simply boost your metabolism to a point where your body is burning fat like crazy and do that just by eating more often.

While your body will burn calories and increase the metabolism slightly when digesting food, it’s still quite insignificant.

The truth is that if you could boost your metabolism to a noticeable level, you would be in big trouble, because elevated metabolism is a sign of disease state, so not something you would want. Read more here.

This is a myth that comes from professional bodybuilders who are eating massive amounts of food on daily basis to cover their needs created by insane amount of training and drug use and for them it would be impossible to consume all the food in two or three meals so they spread it up into 6-8.

If you are not a professional bodybuilder, you are not taking anything “extra” and you want to have a life (not spend it cooking, eating and washing dishes) then eat only at times you want and are hungry not just because some stupid dietitian said so.


2. Has a Goal

Ever heard of goal hijacking? You probably were at some point a victim just like millions of other people.

Let me give you an example.

You are skinny and out of shape so you start going to the gym and working out. After a couple of months you see some results, but you through fitness magazines and your gym buddies you discover things like cross fit, powerlifting and “functional fitness” and you get hooked and start doing those.

But you never wanted to do those things at a first place, you just wanted look good.

Well, this is called goal hijacking and usually happens when you lack purpose and aren’t crystal clear on your goals and what you want.

If you really care just about looking better, being more satisfied with what you see in the mirror and being more confident then you have to focus on that and what you do in the gym has to reflect it. Don’t get anyone convince you that you should do something else just because some editor in a fitness magazine thing it’s cool so they write an article about it.


3. Has an Action Plan

So you wanna get ripped and you go to the gym a few days a week, what exactly do you do there?

Most guys think that just going to the gym will get them in shape, that’s a bit ridiculous thinking .

Since you are smart you know that this will not get you anywhere close to your goals…but what will? What is it you have to do in the gym?

As with every goal in life you have to have some kind of action plan on how you are going to get there and since we are talking about fitness this means a workout plan.

Get a good workout plan, follow it and the results will come. However, if you keep wondering around in the gym, sort of working out and wishing to get in shape, then you won’t get anywhere in life, that’s for sure.


4. Consistent

How many programs have you tried last year alone? And how many have you finished?

Jumping from one workout to other without sticking to it for AT LEAST 3 months is not a way to get results. If you want to see whether a certain workout works for you and how much, then you have to finish it.

Many times guys will look at the workouts from Muscle Building Program and they will say something like “this couldn’t possible work” or “this won’t work for me”. Well my response is always “have you tied it?” and the answer is always “no”.

Because those who do try the workouts and finish them, always get results.

I’m not saying every workout will work for you, but if you won’t try (and stick to it) you will never know. Find a workout that is aligned with your goals and follow it and finish it. Then judge by results, but until you finish it you have no way of knowing how good it is.


5. Serious about His Training

If you followed so far then you know what you want, you have found yourself a good workout plan or at least you will after you are done reading this article and you are making notes, right?

But the thing is that you can have the best workout plan on the planet and still not get any results.

How is that possible?

Well first you have to follow the workout and actually get to the gym (obvious but had to be said) but even then it’s still about how you are going to use that workout.

If your barbell curls looks like a whole body swing then you have it all wrong.

The technique has to be perfect and your focus has to be on activating the muscles not lifting enormous weights. Remember you are building muscles by creating contraction in the muscle against resistance not just moving weights with your body.


6. Isn’t Listening to Conventional Fitness Media

Everyone who is reading fitness magazines and listening to other fitness media sources for advice will get brainwashed with wrong advice, period.

…And don’t get me started on how that prevented me from getting my dream body for three long years.

I suggest finding a good source of information and fitness advice and sticking to it, even if it’s not your favorite Muscle Building Program I don’t care, it’s our choice, if I’m here to help you we can’t afford to have someone else giving you contrary advice.

Question everything you hear and test it against your beliefs, but stay open minded.


7. Patient

There are lots of things training can teach you about life, but one of the best skills you will acquire throughout the process of building a better looking body is definitely patience.

You will never get overnight results. What you see around yourself are magic bullets aka supplements, don’t fall for them, if you do you will end up unhappy with your body and bank account, trust me, I’ve been there myself.

Learn to be patient and even if you aren’t were you won’t to be (yet) keep doing what works and don’t look for shortcuts, becoming successful takes time.


8. Understands the Role of Supplements

How much do you spend on monthly basis just on supplements alone?

Are supplements a priority for you?

I’ve seen lots of young skinny guys mega dosing supplements five times a day and after a few months of spending hundreds of dollars on these magic pills they still look the same, you need to stop ASAP.

There is nothing wrong with taking creatine, some protein and maybe vitamins with fish oil…just take it as an insurance to keep your body “optimized”.

But don’t try to time your supplement intake to a specific time after your workout or mega dose it three times a day. That’s BS created by smart marketers, and it’s never been proven by research, quite the opposite. If you want to try, here is no BS supplement, called Trenorol.


9. Isn’t Bulking

This is one of the biggest myths of the whole bodybuilding industry and some people still get caught up in that bulking and cutting cycle.

Stop trying to eat your way up to bigger muscles, because if you don’t, you will end up with bigger gut and unhealthy body.

As long as you have a regular protein intake, balanced diet then it really comes down to training and training only.

Remember this, food is not a drug and you can’t dose it in a way you can steroids for quicker results. So focus on your training and not eating big to be big.

Because if you eat big, you will get big, but it will all be fat.


10. Understands Calories

Ever heard the statement all calories are not equal?

Well, it’s like saying not every inch is really an inch…I’m not kidding…would you ever say that?

Yet most people use calories which is just another measurement unit to say such a BS.

All calories ARE equal!

With that being said, what does it mean?

Well, it means that you can eat pretty much anything you want.

Now I’m not saying you should eat donuts all day long! The idea is to let go of the good food bad food paradigm and focus on having balance and variate in your diet and most importantly having the calories in check.

So what I mean by that statement is that you can have your burger, beer or chocolate and not stress about it because you know that you are keeping the calories low and in the grand scheme of things it won’t change anything, because your diet is balanced with food rich in nutrients, so some occasional cake or pizza won’t change a thing.

This means that YOU CAN eat what you want, you don’t have to follow some ridiculous diet or watch your macronutrients.


Here’s a summery of all 10 guidelines for smart body builders:

  • Smart Body Builder Eats Only When He Wants
  • Smart Body Builder Has a Goal
  • Smart Body Builder Has an Action Plan
  • Smart Body Builder Is Consistent
  • Smart Body Builder Is Serious about His Training
  • Smart Body Builder Isn’t Listening to Conventional Fitness Media
  • Smart Body Builder Is Patient
  • Smart Body Builder Understands the Role of Supplements
  • Smart Body Builder Isn’t Bulking
  • Smart Body Builder Understands Calories

Now it’s your turn. Share with us your ideas, what myths you have fell victim to yourself in the past, what diet and training approaches you have tried and what mistakes you made along the way, so we can all learn from that.